Kids BJJ Classes

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HGA offers kids classes in Brazilian Jiu Jistu. Classes also include open mat sessions which students can come in and spar or just drill techniques. For your first class please dress you kids in clothes they would normally wear in gym class. Classes will consist of warm-ups, instruction/lesson, drills and live sparring (rolling). At HGA we encourage beginners to start at the pace they feel comfortable with. Our school provides a low stress environment that puts an importance on techniques and improvement. Our class age range for the kid’s class is 6 to 12 years old. Private lessons are also available. Please see Jim or Dean to schedule.

Key Benefits of Joining HGA kids classes:

  • Children will learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & self defense skills in a fun disciplined environment
  • How to deal with bullies and strangers is covered
  • Discipline, respect, and integrity will be gained
  • Confidence and self-esteem will increase and they will learn to control their moods in a calm positive manner
  • Mental strength and focus will be learned from hours on the mat
  • Coordination, fitness, strength development, agility and speed
  • 1700 SqFt of Mat space
  • Big Discount for Families
  • Private lessons available
  • Come in for a FREE class!

** Private lessons are available (1 hour $40). Please see Jim or Linda to schedule.

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